He is here!

John was 8 days late, and born at 9:48pm Monday, January 4th, 2010 via c-section.

It all really began when I had pregnancy induced hypertension at 37 weeks and had a failed induction right at 38 weeks. I never dilated on cervidil or pitocin, and my blood pressure was totally normal the whole 23 hours I was at the hospital, so my awesome OB sent my butt home to avoid a c-section a that time.

Fast forward to the day before Christmas, my 39.5w appt – I still have no cervical progress. I start to worry, and have a hard time enjoying Christmas. It was really lovely this year, but sort of bittersweet because I had been so mentally prepared to give birth at the attempted induction. And so after, the wait was just horrible. We had presents and a stocking for him at home and at my parents, where we spent Christmas Eve. Every night I would pray that when I woke up, I would be in labor. I continued to do that even after my little scare the Monday after Christmas. I felt what I thought were continual contractions, so we went to labor & delivery to get checked out. A nice doctor named Dr. Aguh helped me, but sent me home because even though I was having contractions, they just weren’t doing anything and I still. wasn’t. dilated. I was a day overdue at this point, and didn’t expect to really be in labor since first babies are usually late. But anyway, I was disappointed, and continued to wait.

At my uneventful 40.5 week appointment, I still had no progress. My doctor said that since I was still having elevated blood pressure, we should plan on going ahead with another induction at 41 weeks, the following Sunday. We would do the same thing we did before. Go in at 7, have cervidil until the following morning, then pitocin the next day.

We had a pretty boring New Year’s Eve, but still made a point to stay up and watch the ball drop and kiss each other at midnight. Every year, after we kiss, I say a goal we would like to accomplish in the new year. Last year, it was to get pregnant. This year, it was two – to have our baby SOON, and put our house on the market and sell it so we can move to NY state finally.

Here is what I wrote to him on the Sunday we were to go in:

<i>Today we woke up, had coffee, and did some last minute things to get ready to bring you home. 🙂 Then we met with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Natalie for fondue galore at The Melting Pot. We got the traditional swiss and a Wisconsin blend. They gave us 3 different kinds of bread, apples, and vegetables. I could just live on the apples and cheese, yum! Then we all had salads except Aunt Natalie. She shared a chicken fondue with Grandma. They had to cook it themselves in the fondue pot! It was cooked in some kind of broth. Then we ordered dessert. YUM. We got a s’mores one with milk chocolate fondue, and a oreo and marshmallow one with dark chocolate. Oh boy. The waiter even lit them both on FIRE after he mixed in the graham crackers and oreos. Wow! It was so cool! They came with bananas, strawberries, poundcake, oreo covered marshmallows, cheesecake, and rice krispie treats. Grandma told us a story of how she once made rice krispie treats in high school, and your great Uncle John ate the whole pan. She didn’t even get one. Haha. I hope you can meet him this weekend, but we will see.

So anyway, afterward, Grandma followed us home and we got Bubba’s stuff together for his visit over their house. We put the kitties away in the basement, hung around a bit, and came here, to Somerset Medical Center! We got here at about 6:30. They put us in room 2. I got hooked up to the monitors, had an IV put in, and got some weird stuff called “Lactated Ringer’s Solution”, haha. I guess it’s like saline? After 2 hours and having some irregular contractions every 6 to 10 minutes, the resident OB put Cervidil in at 8:05. It’s now ten to 9 and I am having contractions every minute it seems! They don’t hurt, though. When the nurse checked my cervix, I was still closed but 25% effaced, and it was far back and high. The OB did an ultrasound to check if you were head down and face down – you are! You are in perfect position! She did say your hand was on your forehead and you needed to take that down to come out. 🙂 You looked like you were thinking, maybe you were thinking about coming out? 🙂

I love you, your Daddy loves you, and Grandma and Grandpa love you. Grandma sent me a video email with Bubba, she said good luck! Bubba was cute. I hope you like him. He said he’ll try not to bark a lot. :)</i>

More later…


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