The Kiddo, the Mom, the creative life

I took a little hiatus from Tumblr, I needed to figure out some stuff in my life. It’s easy being a mama to a cute boy, but it’s not easy remembering the person I was before the kiddo. I really can’t breathe if I am not creating, and the thing that translates the best to the real world from the jumble in my head is when I get two sticks and some string together.

I got pregnancy induced carpal tunnel when I was carrying the Noop, but thankfully it went away. While I was learning to be my boy’s mama the first few months I didn’t really have time to think about my creative life. But when things calmed down, I realized that just because I was a Mama didn’t mean I had to lose sight of myself. And now that things have calmed down quite a bit, I can start thinking about my creativity again. WOOT.

I did make a few things in the last 6 months, I finished the feather and fan blanket, I knit Nooper a sweater, and I started a pair of socks for my sister. And I realized that no matter how simple the design is, I can’t follow someone else’s pattern 100%. And I know this, I’ve known this since 2002 when I started knitting. I think my first design was in the early winter of 2003, a shawlette/scarf knit sideways in garter. The finished result looked like an awesome giant moustache, because of the shape and the fact that I used a synthetic mohair and eyelash yarn held together. Haha. My Mom still wears it, she loves it!

After a while, I got into spinning and dyeing yarn. I think I started this in the fall of 2004. I would sit for hours watching old episodes of Dark Shadows and work on my craft. My day job was in the town I lived in, so having a second job was super easy, I had no commuting time. If anyone remembers Woolgathered, I’m giving you a high-five. I had a few free patterns on my site back then. But, as a newlywed in an apartment, the hubs and I wanted to buy a house, and I needed to get a better paying job. Woolgathered ended in 2005, sadly, as I had a 3 hour commute every day and was too tired to spin. I could still knit though, and wrote a pattern for Knit Picks (the Virginia tank, which I will one day find my copy of!). But after that, I really had no time or energy to be my knitterly self, the house we bought needed renovations and all our energy went into that. And slowly, I stopped creating so much and just did a few things here and there for presents (baby hats, cupcakes for first birthdays, socks for my Mom, etc). Everything I make I usually give away.

So what is the point of all of this? I wanted to tell the world that I’m coming back. I am a stay-at-home-mom now, so now crazy commute and tons of time away from my family and my craftiness. And I have a new muse, my little monkey man, John (aka Noopy/The Noop/Noopus/Noopster).

I have a few things in the works. I’ve teamed with childrens artist <a href=””>Jessa ZG</a> on a few projects (her designs, my patterns). I have also partnered with an old co-worker and we are going to do baby knits of the unusual variety, and I will also be doing my own thing. This is all to be coming soon, starting in probably September. I’m writing and knitting now, and I’m SUPER excited about what is coming up in the future!

So here is to hopefully what will be the start of the most prolific creative period in my life!


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