7 months!

John turned 7 months last Wednesday (the 4th). What a little stinker. He’s recently discovered how fun it is to make noise with his nose. He’ll sniff really, really fast with it. I used to always pretend I was our dog and do it to him, maybe he picked it up there. Regardless, it’s hilarious.

He can’t say Dada, but he says Mum mum, and Buh buh. Two of his favorite people! Mom and his dog Bubba!

Still no forward crawling. Backwards, yes. Rolling, oh yes. He just started going from sitting to belly, but it’s very clunky and he usually hits his head. At least he’s trying. He tries very hard to crawl, still. Lately he’s been taking to trying to will his body with his head. He’ll crane out his neck like a turtle, it’s hilarious.

He eats level 2 purees and some finger foods. He loves those Baby Mum Mums. He can hold those and feed himself. He is working on his pincer grasp. He likes those little puffs things, but he doesn’t get he has to open his hand to get the food into his mouth, and usually will chew on his hand. He likes to gnaw on pizza crusts, and gets super upset when Mommy says she doesn’t want him doing that and take it away! He will eat basically anything I give him still, except for anything I make. OF COURSE.

The best thing he started to do is play with us. He will do all the stuff we do to him – he tries to give kisses, he tries to tickle… oh it is so cute! He’s started waving a bit, so I am signing to him for things. He’s really predictable with his behavior, though, so I can usually guess what he needs if he’s crabby… which leads us to this week… where he got his first tooth! Bottom right. And the left is coming in as well. It is so weird to see white in his mouth. I am going to have to get used to it!

7 months old!! (my goofball!!)


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