Stitches From The Heart!!

So we have decided that we are going to choose the group Stitches From The Heart to donate to! You can see their site here.

Stitches from the Heart is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that sends handmade clothing, blankets, and love to premature babies all across the nation. They also have a senior program that helps seniors help others by donating yarn and supplies. They are about 10 years old and have donated over 762,000 knitted/crocheted item to needy babies to over 1200 hospitals across the US. They have over 14,000 volunteers that donate and they give yarn to 92 senior groups.

Whoo hoo! I know a few Moms who had babies stay in the NICU, and I can tell you that a special new hat is a little ray of happiness in an otherwise scary time.


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