Wee baby stuff

I found my dream double stroller: The Baby Jogger City Select Double stroller in RUBY. I will have to sell the beloved UppaBaby Vista eventually, but maybe I can hold off until next year to get this. Or at least until Lady GooGoo is too big for me to carry in the carrier. It has a lot of what I’m looking for – sturdy construction and materials, the seats are inline, the back seat is higher than the front, and red! Red for favorite colorness and red for HI, DON’T RUN US OVERness. I need the back seat to be higher, because I remember being very little and in a double, inline stroller, and not being able to vocalize that I couldn’t see a damn thing – sad!baby face over that.

Yesterday it hit 50 degrees, but there is still a bunch of snow on the ground. Friday it should be 60, so I am putting on my rainboots and we are heading to the park, mud be damned. Poor Noopy needs fresh air, regardless of mud.

I’m working on a pattern right now for an online magazine, and it’s proving to be a lot more involved that I had thought. Let’s just say that I’m okay with redoing things more than once, and thank goodness I actually like what I’m doing, or I’d quit. Ha! I guess that’s a sign that I’ve found my niche outside all this Mom stuff? One day Noopy and Lady GooGoo will go to school and I will be a lot more productive, but this time now is ok for just getting started. I really only have two hours after Noopy goes to bed to do anything, and usually I’m so tired, I don’t want to do anything. But productivity will come, in time.

(Noopy with the winter sun over his shoulder).


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