Oh if I had a million free hours…

I think sometimes I click “add to favorites” too much on Ravelry, but then I go back through my tags and I see that maybe I’m really not that trigger-happy, just that there are so many cute things out there to knit. It’s gone far beyond adding things to a queue, because then I feel like I have a sense of commitment to make something, and then it never gets done. Oh poor Aravis Cowl… I will make you one day.

Anyway, I have tagged over 100 patterns as “baby” something… baby dress… baby girl cardigan… baby booties… Here is a top eight list of my favorites, in no particular order.


Winter Baby Boots, by Julia Noskova
These are very sweet, and look like they would actually stay on active little feet. Having had my first baby only 14 months ago, I am pretty good at determining which styles of footwear will actually stay on. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to keep putting socks on, etc… Haha.


Lazy Daisy Dress-Up Kit, by Anna and Heidi Pickles
I just love, love, love the turban. It’s so funny. You could reenact Grey Gardens with this outfit! And the colors chosen for the daisy stitch cardi are so current, don’t you think? Perfect for spring babies.


Clara Dress, by Karin Vestergaard Mathiesen
Oh this dress!! It is so sweet – take a look at all the projects people have made on Ravelry. Alicia Paulson’s (pictured) is STUNNING, and I have some stash Madelinetosh to make an exact copy. Seriously, it’s so gorgeous in silver gray.


Fiona’s Top, by Sanne Bjerregaard
This is soooo cute, perfect for twirling and would be so cute with leggings, or if long enough, fun colored tights and cute Mary Janes.


Tiny Tea Leaves Cardi, by Melissa LeBarre
This is a super cute pint-sized version of the adult Tea Leaves pattern written for Madelinetosh, by Melissa LeBarre. If you’re into matchy-matchy, you could make Mommy and Me sweaters, but honestly, I like it better on a tiny human.


Lucille, by Courtney Kelley
Oh my gosh, just click on the link – how completely PRECIOUS is that baby? I am dying.


Lovebug Booties, by Carrie Bostick-Hoge
I like how cool and simplistic these look, but they’re anything but simple.


Concentric Stripes Cardigan, by Melissa Mall.
I saw this on Facebook (when I was still on Facebook!), and one person commented how positively stupid it was to make a sweater for a baby in anything but machine washable yarn. Oh, please. Speaking again from recent experience, it is not difficult to hand wash a tiny sweater, spit-up and all! But this is so cute, and it looks like good mindless car knitting.

When I am done knitting this super secret project, I will make at least ONE of these, and I am hoping to start a blanket for the Lady. I am currently at 29 weeks, so I hope I will have some time to complete both!

(And how weird is my style? I either like really lacy, old fashioned stuff, or super simple looking knits that have complex techniques hidden in them).


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