Noopy’s Lovey

I am so excited and proud to announce that the summer edition of Petite Purls has gone live, and that I have a pattern included!

Presenting: Noopy’s Lovey! (pics by Brandy fortune)

Favorite/Queue it on Ravelry: Noopy’s Lovey

I submitted the idea for this pattern early last fall, while my little Noopy was really still a baby (about 8 months). It’s so funny how time flies, and he is now a grown man at 17 months. Ok, maybe not a grown man, but compared to tiny Caroline, John is enormous. ANYWAY!

The summer edition of Petite Purls is all about TOYS – and take a look at the other designs in there. What cuteness! There are some big names in knitting alongside my little one! I am so excited to have been included. Start to finish, it was a great experience. The editors are really great to work with and I hope that I can do this again some day soon. Kind of hard with a toddler tornado and a 3 week old, but I will do what I can. I love writing knitting patterns, it brings me almost as much happiness as being a Mom.


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  1. This is the most adorable pattern. I am bookmarking the pattern in hopes that I will need to knit something for a baby! Congrats on being included in the summer edition of Petite Purls!

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