I finished Lucille, which was designed by Courtney Kelley. This was such a fun knit, as I loved seeing the lace pattern emerge, but the sleeves were quite a pain in the butt. Anyway, I used the new Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk, which is a merino-silk blend (85% merino, 15% silk). I thought it felt like knitting with mercerized cotton, there is no give in this yarn and no drape in the resulting fabric. It wasn’t *bad* to knit with, but it wasn’t terribly fun. I probably wouldn’t use it again, as it was rather splitty. The sweater turned out well, though, it does a good job showing off the lace pattern and the semi-stiffness of it keeps the lace pattern open and visible. The buttons I chose were just teeny tiny fake purl buttons I picked up at fabricland in North Plainfield.

Ravelry details for Lucille are here. I think this will fit Caroline late this summer, it’s pretty big for a 0-3 size. It’s more like a 6 months size.


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